DeckWise WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding and Fence Sealer


DeckWise WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding and Fence Sealer

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DeckWise WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding and Fence Sealer


DeckWise WiseCoat is a waterproofing hardwood deck, siding and fence sealer that is low VOC (53 g/l), non-toxic and emits little to no odor. It is very safe for use around people, pets, plants and does not harm the environment. The formula is water-based and coats hardwood fibers at a cellular level to create a long-lasting breathable barrier that provides protection against harsh weather conditions and the cracking or splitting of wood. WiseCoat is a waterproof sealant that deeply absorbs into the hardwood surface to help prevent the damaging effects of mold, mildew, dry rot, peeling and cupping of wood. This unique sealer does not form a film on top of wood, and instead penetrates the surface to allow hardwood to age naturally without decay. DeckWise Wisecoat will provide long-lasting waterproof protection for up to 6 -12 years on vertical surfaces.

WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding & Fence Sealer features a semi-transparent tint that penetrates into the hardwood surface to block UV rays from turning hardwood gray. The tint provides a durable color that enhances the natural grain, texture and beauty of wood, without drastically changing its original pigment. Due to the WiseCoat formula being water-based, the tint is absorbed evenly into hard surfaces and provides an overall consistent stain color.

WiseCoat is designed to protect, preserve and enhance all types of exotic hardwoods, including South American hardwoods and American thermally modified wood. This sealer will enhance darker hardwoods such as Ipe, Cumaru, and Massaranduba or lighter hardwoods like Garapa, Tigerwood, Teak, Jatoba, American Ashe and many others. Wisecoat can be used on a variety of wood surfaces, including decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, docks, shake roofs, railings, timber framing and playsets.


  • Has semi-transparent tint enhances both dark and light colored hardwoods
  • Use on exotic hardwoods like Ipe, Teak, Mahogany, Cumaru and Tigerwood or American hardwoods and most thermally treated wood
  • Waterproofing hardwood sealer
  • Penetrating water-based formula
  • Protects, preserves and enhances hardwood
  • Prevents mold, mildew, rot, decay & wood cupping
  • For interior & exterior use on new or refurbished wood
  • Odorless & non-flammable, plus easy soap and water clean up
  • Low VOC (53 g/l), non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for pets, plants & people
  • 1 gallon covers about 250-350 sq. ft. per coat (Actual coverage may vary by surface)

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